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In the G7, one of the main topics of discussion will certainly be the possibility of expanding Deadline August 31st, through which it will be impossible to complete the evictions fromAfghanistan. “It is important for the union that the evacuations continue beyond August 31 and that humanitarian assistance can continue beyond this date,” they said from Brussels. However, staying in the area after the deadline could have very serious consequences.

The Taliban can in fact forcibly close the Kabul airport If the United States and its allies stay longer than expected. Ben Wallace, Britain’s defense minister, said: “The Taliban have already said that the extension will have consequences that could range from preventing people from reaching the airport to military activities potentially closing the airport. That’s why our goal is to get as many people out every hour as possible.”

In short, the tension is high and the situation seems tragic because not everyone who intends to leave Kabul by August 31 seems feasible. Meanwhile, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights reported credible reports of serious violations in Taliban-controlled areas. Among these, it is worth noting “summary executions” Civilians and security forces who laid down their arms and restrictions on women’s rights to move freely.

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