Are side effects a positive or negative sign? This was explained by the American studio »

Vaccine: Are side effects a positive or negative sign? This was explained by an American studio

Arm pain is a common side effect and can be a good signThe Vaccine side effects They are a sign positive or negative? The answer is quite curious and it may turn out that, If we notice at least one side effect, our immune system reacts very well, and get additional equipment.

Newspaper Prophet, in its online version, reports A A very recent American study (Not yet published, but subject to review) Conducted on 206 employees From the hospital before and after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The arm pain (more or less severe and prolonged) has suffered since then 91% of the participants with the first injection And from82% per second.

However, the researchers wanted to clarify this There is no clear relationship between the undesirable effects and the protection of the organismSo, too ، Who has not heard anything? Could be perfect protected.

We remind readers that the file double fertilization provides aVery high protection from moderate or severe Covid-19 diseaseBut infection is not ruled out 100%. In other words: You can get sick, but it becomes like a file Cold or mild fluنفلونزا, in the vast majority of cases Without serious consequences.

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