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September will close with Long period of bad weather Of an autumnal nature, this is the uncontroversial response to sports models. everything will be start in Election weekend with the first Disturbance That will bring Thunderstorms and storms In the middle of the North while the South will have a very short wait while enjoying The return of a little semi-summer warmth After the cold of the past few days. From The second part of Sunday especially in The first days of the new week Other cold northern pulsations, direct From Greenland they will reach the Mediterranean In collusion with the high pressure of the blockade on the nearby Atlantic. Currents that will be able to do nothing but Activate and stay alive Low pressure cycle throughout our country. This trading will continue indefinitely, even after the end of September and moving forward into the beginning of October.

What do we expect? From a climatic point of view, after a slight recovery at the weekend, temperatures will also decrease in the south and The entire peninsula will have below average climate by midweek With peaks close to the end of October especially in the north and with lows even from late November. From a more strict meteorological point of view, Heavy rain in the form of showers and thunderstorms which can also be severe and cause problems. Snow will also return to the Alps at medium altitudes And perhaps also in the Apennines, albeit at higher altitudes. to spice everything up Strong winds, sometimes a storm that will blow across the country. Sarah Real jingle in late autumn. More updates will follow.

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