Arazi Boko, 14-year-old GP

Mission accomplished: Arazi Poco in Trieste won the Geiger Jigger race again, as it did in 2020, and improved … She even won a classic at the age of 14! This time with Santino Mollo in futility, by Alessandro Gucciadoro. And it became the 15th classics on display.

Race. The black man took advantage of Leonardo Cecchi and Sinead Cernicoli at first from the number 2, bypassing the shumar who was starting inside him and above all rejected Zanna Jet and Viscarda Jet. vecchione da Varenne (31.0 for 400, 45.0 for 600), while Schumar maintained his vigilance and forced the two females instead to take air in the face in the outer passage. At the lane, Amon Ucm followed from behind Adamu Diba in the third wheel and fell himself into the fourth wheel at the next corner for an always complex ascent on the narrow Trieste path. The group flew in front (short for 1.18 km) and was able to climb into the leading pair, passing the Viscarda Jet and alongside Arazi Boko at the last turn, where the tread was pressed hard. Arazi Buco, however, reacted well at the finish line and maintained the half-height advantage at the finish line, finishing the match with an average of 1.15.1. For interior lines, Atik Dl came in third, and the impressive Viscarda Jet remained at number four on Showmar.

They said. Mulu had already driven Arazi Buco on the occasion of the 2020 lottery: “With 2 we had to start with force, on a small track, and secure the center. The horse was a little grumpy behind the car, it might have been better to start faster, but the race went well. The first angle was very expensive and at that point I tried to make him breathe. On the second lap ahead of us, Gribi arrived with Amon Yu-cm and started again at full speed, but Arazi held out well all the way. At the age of fourteen, certainly not everyone can do.

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Cecchi is, as always, especially excited, when Arazi Boko is involved, who shares ownership with Gocciadoro jr’s wife: “He seemed to be beaten but he reacted and won even today. It’s unbelievable, not repeated, if we think about it. Age is. If the horse continues to walk like this, we certainly cannot stop it: it will tell us when to do it … ”

JG Giorgio Geiger (Group 3, € 40,400, 1660m): 1. Arazi Boco (San Molo) 15.1, 2. Amon Yu Sm 15.1, 3. Atik Dl 15.5, 4. Viscarda Jet 15.6. Total 1.67 1.79 3.38 6.45 (28.97) Triple 113.26.

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