Aptera is almost ready for production

L’apera It is an American company that presented in 2020 an original and futuristic version Three wheel solar electric car. After more than two years and having received more than 40,000 pre-orders (A $100 refundable deposit is required for reservations), the company announces the launch version. All those who reserve it can decide on access to one of the 5,000 planned examples, with production expected to begin within 12 months.

with penetration coefficient Aerodynamics From 0.13, Aptera makes efficiency its strong point. After all, just look at it to understand this feature. In fact, it looks like one of the many vehicles that take part in Eco-Marathons, the goal of which is to build the most aerodynamic car possible.

Efficiency here is accompanied Solar Panels which are placed practically on the entire body of the car, with a total power of 700 watts, which allows the car to It extends up to 65 km Her card is coming from the sun. According to Aptera, in a very sun-drenched place like Southern California, an American motorist traveling an average of 46 kilometers should not plug in to recharge the car’s battery. If exposure to sunlight is not sufficient, the Aptera battery can still be recharged using a 120-volt power socket, which during the night ensures that the charge useful for traveling 240 km is restored. Alternatively, DC fast charging can be used with up to 40 kW of power. From a technical point of view, the Aptera, in addition to relying on a structure in a composite material, has aRange 643 km Guaranteed by a 64 kWh battery.

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After the production line started Launch EditionL’apera It predicts that eight different assembly plants will be operating around the world by 2028. The company is currently completing the fourth and final phase of product development, called Delta. As part of this phase, Aptera will complete crash testing and validation. Once complete, production is expected to begin at the Carlsbad, California plant, with one shift and a total of 10,000 vehicles annually, with the goal of reaching 20,000 vehicles in subsequent years by doubling shifts.

Doubts remain about the company’s effective financial coverage, which it states is Looking for 50 million dollars needed to start production. A fundraiser will almost certainly be launched in the coming months.

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