April games announced this week, there is an unknown Spartacus

this week, Sony is expected to announce new free PlayStation Plus games in April 2022We use the condition because according to some rumors in the coming days the company must remove the veil from The new PlayStation Spartacus subscription service.

According to a Bloomberg report, PlayStation Spartacus will be announced by March 31 So actually during the first half of this week. Could the announcement also affect the unveiling of new free PlayStation Plus games in April 2022? It is very likely that with the debut of the new subscription, there may be news coming even for existing PS Plus subscribers.

But for now, there is speculation and it is not certain that the two ads will conflict with each other, to find out more We’ll have to wait until March 30th at 5:30 PMthe last Wednesday of the month has always been chosen by Sony to announce new PlayStation Plus games (by the way, here Rumors and Speculations About Free PlayStation Plus Games in April 2022) And who knows that on this occasion we will also discover something more about PlayStation Spartacus.

Or maybe Spartacus will be announced between today, tomorrow and Wednesday, as usual, when the Plus Games are revealed? Or maybe we will first discover Plus games and the next day Sony will remove the veil from Spartacus? Too many questions and too few answers, We will know more in the coming days.

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