Approximately €26,500 will be required for one-year travel by choosing solutions with low environmental impact

Traveling for a whole year? It will be perfect, especially for fans of new adventures around the world. For some it will be a dream come true. There is a “but” that is important enough to consider. How much does it cost to travel for a whole year? What if you choose solutions with a low environmental impact? It is estimated that traveling for 365 consecutive days would cost around €26,500. Let’s see more specifically.

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Traveling the World for a Full Year: What You Should Know and Information

Who doesn’t like to travel for a whole year? There are few people who would miss out on such an opportunity if good travel planning is given to it. But the problem lies in the economic availability, which is not available to everyone. Those with a sedentary job usually plan one or at most two vacations a year out of a number of days excluding weekends. There are also those who, perhaps with greater availability, could consider taking a year off and going around the world. For the last category of lucky people.”money farma financial advisory firm, offers three different types of travel if you choose to travel the world for an entire year. The first is the basic itinerary, then there is one with special experiences and the last is “sustainable tourism.” It is estimated, according to some surveys, that travel For a full year it will take approx 26,500 euros.

A number that is set to rise depending on the mode of transport used, accommodations chosen, and many other variables. enter at this point David CominardiDirector, investment advisor money farm What did he say: “If you want to support an expense related to the idea of ​​traveling around the world, it is advisable, in our opinion, to consider weighted financial planning with the advice of a professional. In addition to the cost of the trip itself, we also specifically calculated the cost of interrupting the pension contribution for a year: a cost between 6 and 14 thousand euros, but easily offset within the framework of a supplementary pension solution, always better if with the help of a financial advisor“.

The so-called primary trip, in one year, includes a visit 45 countries With the possibility of admiring effects such as Machu Picchu in Peru or Redeemer of Christ In Brazil, departing from Milan, he made a short passage in Iceland and the United States, then moved to the countries of South America, continuing to the East and Africa, and returning to Europe. All this will cost 47,750 euros.

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The other two types of excursions

the Special experiences We expect to visit within 12 months 47 countries Touching very beautiful tourist destinations likeEaster IslandWonderful Hawaiian Islands, Minor Sri LankaThe earthly paradise of the Maldives e Zanzibar. But here comes the cost: we exist 64 thousand euros.

L’sustainable itinerary It is the cheapest one with a visit in 28 countries in general impress 50 UNESCO sites And do 4 weeks of volunteer work in the ecological reserve San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico. In this case the cost is about 26,500 euros While choosing to respect the environment through more ecological transportation.

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