Apple wants to buy the broadcast rights to the English Premier League

also an Apple He will be ready to immerse himself in the world of sports broadcasting. Audiovisual content service + Apple TV, owned by the Cupertino company, born just over three years ago, has rapidly increased its catalog of original films and TV series, even going beyond the sports sector. Currently, American football fans can sign up for the Season Pass of the major leaguesThe first “football” tournament with stars and stripes, but the next stage could be the acquisition of broadcasting rights to the most important and profitable European league.

As I mentioned daily Mail Actually, an Apple It will return a view of one of the streaming transmission packets it owns leading league Preparing to be put up for sale. The value of television broadcasting rights for the entire English Premier League – in England – is about 5 billion pounds sterling, a figure that could easily be exceeded by the new tender, for which bids will be accepted from the end of 2023 due to the expiration of television broadcasting. The contract is set in 2025 by Sky Sports and BT Sport, the current licensors of the service. The package is split between broadcast and streaming TV, with an Apple willing to put up $250 million on the board to win some exclusive bids on its platform. There are two possible alternatives: public purchase of images American or so United kingdom.

In the latter case, Apple Stream will replace Amazon Prime Videos, which for three years now has become a point of reference for British viewers, with 20 exclusive matches a year. Developments to monitor: Entering the scene an Apple (Annual turnover of $394.3 billion) In the sports sector, it will be a great competition for Jeff Bezos and Dazen, and from the English Premier League, the pride of football fans, the company’s interest in Cupertino may soon expand to other leagues.

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