Apple, Siri broke the ban and revealed the date of its April event with the new iPad –

A little bit of a surprise Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, broke the ban imposed by the same home of Cupertino. Although there are no official announcements, in fact, Siri next said Apple event Will be held on April 20, 2021, Obviously in Cupertino’s Apple Park. Insiders say it will be the conference where the new iPad Pro will be shown.

MacRumors asked Siri “When is the next Apple event?” Surprisingly, she received an answer instead of the usual raspberries. The digital assistant said, in fact, that the next event will be Tuesday 20 April 2021. On top of that, it provides Siri as well Connect all’evento, The link that does not currently report any information on this date.

Siri and Apple event April 20, 2021.
Siri and Apple event April 20, 2021.

While awaiting official confirmation or rejection from Apple, we can say that the next event should be the one in which Cupertino will showcase the new iPad Pro models. There is talk of the 12.9-inch model with the technology Mini LED (Apple’s first), with an M1 chip (or similar), a USB-C port, and of course, improved cameras.

Unless Siri lies, invitations to follow-up should arrive soon. Otherwise, we’ll have to put the digital assistant in a list Insiders are not trusted.

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