Apple officially introduces watchOS 10

During the WWDC23 keynote, Apple did a preview watchOS 10which brings to Apple Watch an innovative way to quickly display information thanks to redesigned apps, a new style Smart group to show the most relevant widgets Just in time and on beautiful new ports.

For cyclists, new metrics, training views, and Bluetooth connectivity for power meters, speed sensors and cadence sensors have been introduced. Those who love trekking can now count on the new map and compass functions.

application Mindfulness Includes new mental health tools. watchOS 10 is available today as a beta to developers, and will be available as a free software update this fall.

“watchOS is the world’s most advanced wearable operating system and has redefined what people around the world think is possible with a watch,” said Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology. “watchOS 10 is a landmark update that introduces an invigorating new approach to Apple Watch, with a new redesigned design for a quick display of information, beautiful watch faces, new cycling and hiking features, and important health tools.”

Innovations in design and navigation

Redesigned apps show more information at a glance, and watchOS 10 introduces new ways to navigate and quickly access content.

“With watchOS 10, we’ve redesigned the interface to deliver an Apple Watch experience like never before,” said Alan Day, Apple’s vice president of Human Interface Design.

“The update lets you see the most relevant information at a glance, with simplified navigation and a new visual language that takes full advantage of the Apple Watch display. We will also introduce Smart Collection to quickly and proactively access relevant information directly from the watch face.”

Apple Watch apps like Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, and Local Times take full advantage of the watch display to display more information at a glance. The Activity app on Apple Watch and the Fitness app on iPhone make it easy to track your daily workouts with more detail, improvements to sharing, a redesigned keepsake bag, and tips from the Apple Fitness + team of trainers.

The new Smart Cluster contains widgets that display relevant and timely information that adapts to the user’s context and can be viewed by turning the Digital Crown on any watch face. For example, Weather will display a forecast at the start of the day, or when you’re traveling, Smart Collection will display your boarding passes from Wallet.

Rearrange your calendar and reminders at the top to show upcoming appointments or tasks. Apps, such as Podcasts, will also be made to float for faster access. With Smart Collection, the user can also set one of the available beautiful watch faces, such as Portraits, and have instant access to the most important information.

Developers can use the new design language to update their apps. For example, Streaks now uses the entire screen to clearly show progress and access activities, the NBA app makes following your favorite team even more exciting with new team colors and game details, and with the redesigned Waterllama app, a user can track their hydration level over the past seven days simply while on the go. by turning the Digital Crown.

Now just tap the side key to access the Control Center, so it’s easy to open at any time, even with other apps open. And to go back to the app you were in, just press the Digital Crown twice.

New watch faces

watchOS 10 introduces two new, artistic watch faces: painting And Parasitical. The Palette disc displays the time in a wide range of colors using three distinct overlays: The colors change over time.

Plus, the beloved Peanuts comedy comes to life on Apple Watch with a new face featuring Snoopy and Woodstock. Characters interact and play with hands, react to local weather conditions and move with the user when training.

by bike

The Apple Watch is a great device for cyclists with features like automatic workout reminders, e-bike calorie estimation, and fall detection. With watchOS 10, this hugely popular sport becomes even more diverse, thanks to new metrics, opinions, and experiences.

When you start a bike workout on your Apple Watch with watchOS 10, it will automatically appear as a real-time activity on your iPhone, and when you tap, it will use the entire screen.

Training views, such as heart rate zones, elevation, track challenge, custom workouts, and a new bike speed display, are optimized for the iPhone display, which can be attached to the handlebars to monitor metrics while riding. an exercise.

Apple Watch can now automatically connect to Bluetooth-enabled cycling accessories, such as power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors. This gives you access to new metrics, including power (watts), cadence (RPM), and other training views, including the Power Zone view. Bluetooth connectivity is supported for indoor and outdoor bike workouts, as well as GymKit.

New algorithms combine data from Apple Watch sensors and connected power meters to produce an estimate of a functional power threshold (FTP), which is the maximum intensity level a user can theoretically maintain for one hour. Using this metric, Apple Watch calculates custom power zones that allow you to easily view your current zone and monitor the duration of each zone, which is a popular and effective way to improve performance.


The Compass app on Apple Watch is a useful tool for anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors. With watchOS 10, the Compass app automatically creates two new waypoints. The former displays an estimate of where a cellular connection was last detected, which is useful for checking messages or making a phone call. Last emergency call waypoint, on the other hand, shows an estimate of the point at which the device last detected contact with the operator’s network: so it is possible to alert someone when needed.

When preparing routes, the new elevation view uses altimeter data to show a 3D view of your saved coordinates. The Maps app displays a new topographic map with contour lines, terrain, elevation details, and points of interest. This feature will initially be available in the United States only. You can also search for nearby trails and trails, with maps showing detailed information, such as trail length, type, and difficulty.

Psychological health

Mental health is just as important as your physical health, and research shows that thinking about your state of mind can help build resilience and emotional awareness. With the Mindfulness app in watchOS 10, the user can easily and discreetly record the emotions they are feeling at the moment and their moods.

By turning the Digital Crown, you can scroll through different multi-dimensional and attractive shapes, choose the one that best represents how you feel, identify what influences your mood the most and describe your emotions.

Vision health

Myopia is the most common vision defect worldwide: To reduce the risk of developing nearsightedness, the International Institute of Myopia recommends that children spend at least 80-120 minutes outdoors per day. With watchOS 10, your Apple Watch will be able to measure the time you spend in daylight, thanks to a sensor that detects ambient light. This information will be visible in the Health app on your iPhone or iPad.

Time spent in the daylight provides additional physical and mental health benefits for all ages. If the boy or girl doesn’t own an iPhone, they can use Family Setup to pair their Apple Watch with their parents’ iPhone, so they can see how much time their kids spend outdoors with Health Sharing.

Viewing a device or book too close has also been shown to be a risk factor for myopia. The new screen distance feature uses the same TrueDepth camera used with Face ID on the iPad and iPhone to encourage the user to move the device away after keeping it closer than a foot for an extended period of time.

When your device is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, all Health app data, including vision and mental health data, is encrypted.

Other watchOS 10 updates:

  • the name It allows you to easily share contact information by bringing your Apple Watch close to someone else’s iPhone. On an Apple Watch, NameDrop can also be used by tapping the share button on the Contacts app’s personal contact card or in a complication of My Card, then bringing the watch close to another person’s Apple Watch.
  • the Offline maps On iPhone, they let you access navigation, see ETA, find places in Maps, and more when Wi-Fi or cellular networks aren’t available. These features can also be used on an Apple Watch that’s in range of the paired iPhone.
  • You can now launch and view a FaceTime video message directly on your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch also supports audio in Group FaceTime calls.
  • application pharmaceutical Sends a reminder to the user if they do not log in to take the medication after 30 minutes of the specified time.
  • Apple Fitness + Offers Custom Plans, a new way to receive personalized training or meditation programs, based on day, duration, type of exercise, and more; Collections, which lets you select multiple exercises and meditations to easily switch between them; and the audio at the top, which provides the ability to prioritize the volume of music or the voice of the coach’s team.

API for training application developers

watchOS 10 includes new APIs that enable developers of training apps to create innovative and engaging experiences. The powerful motion sensors on Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra detect sudden changes in speed and acceleration, such as when the user swings a golf club or tennis racket.

Developers will now have access to this high-frequency motion data allowing applications such as SwingVision to analyze pronation or rotational motion of the forearm, wrist and hand or Golfshot to detect small wrist movements to adjust the swing.

Popular training platforms like TrainingPeaks can use a new API to create a custom workout that you can import directly into your training app. Developers of training apps with HealthKit will be able to report validated calorie estimates for golf exercises by selecting walks and golf carts.

Developers will also be able to access pace, cadence, and strength metrics from bike workouts, as well as repeat workouts from Apple Watch to iPhone.


For those participating in the Apple Developer Program, the watchOS 10 developer beta is available today at A public beta will be available to watchOS users next month at watchOS 10 will be available this fall as a free software update for Apple Watch Series 4 or later paired with iPhone Xs or later with iOS 17.

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