Apple, gaming revenue higher than Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft combined in 2019 –

An apple Register in 2019 takeovers related to sales games Better than those of Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard combined, according to information that emerged in the course of the lawsuit between the Cupertino home and Epic Games.

Let’s talk about a operating profit Equal $8.5 billion, although Apple has stated that the margins discussed during the trial were not correct, and therefore the number should be revised downward. However, that didn’t stop her from giving up on Fortnite, which ended up being blacklisted on the App Store for years to come.

As Tim Sweeney has often mentioned, the interesting thing about these numbers is that Apple earns a lot from selling video games even without being a video game manufacturer, due to margin 30% on any app available in its store.

Nintendo helped boost Apple’s revenue with highly successful games like Super Mario Run, with 200 million downloads, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and of course Pokémon GO, which became a true fashion phenomenon.

Compared to the Japanese company, Apple House can count on a massive installed base, with nearly 200 million iPhones laid in 2020 alone: ​​more than double the 89 million Nintendo Switch sold to date.

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