Apple earned over 100 million and just spent a million on advertising –

We are on the thirteenth day of the lawsuit between Epic Games and an Apple. Thanks to a new testimonial we can now find that the Cupertino company was able to earn More than 100 million dollars Through commissions It is an electronic game, For a total cost of only $ 1 million.

To share this information Michael Schmid, Head of Games at Apple. Schmid says Apple is working on Fortnite closely with Epic Games, both in the engineering and advertising side.

Schmid stated that Epic Games demanded more and more over time the support. Apple took calls early in the morning or even at Christmas, as Epic Games needed help resolving issues with Fortnite.

100 million earnings from Apple through Fortnite
100 million earnings from Apple through Fortnite

It also states that Apple has sent out “500 million Fortnite ads.” Expenses related to b marketing With support from Apple, it will total more than $ 1 million, or – in the words of Schmid – “much more than any other game I’ve ever worked on.”

When asked how much an Apple He got, the answer was “more than 100 million dollars.” He was then asked if “more than 100 million” could mean “more than 200 million,” but Schmid said, “It would be inappropriate for me to say that this is the case.” However, the numbers Schmid pointed out are much lower than those suggested by the analysis firm, Sensor Tower, which calculated Fortnite’s 1.2 billion earnings on iOS, which translates into Apple’s commission of more than 360 million.

it is obvious thatEpic lawyer He confirmed how Apple has benefited from the relationship with Fortnite and Epic, as it has earned at least a hundred times the amount invested.

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To stay on the topic of Epic Games, we’d like to point out the massive sales with a gift voucher of € 10 for purchases over € 15.

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