Apple develops a hybrid console with a new chip and advanced graphics? –

an Apple You may have one chart Hybrid unit Based on prof New system on a chip Particularly advanced, able to guarantee a return Fairly advanced graphics Video games and go further than what Apple TV has done so far in this area.

The new Apple TV 4K is already a step forward compared to what it was before in terms of video game use on Apple devices, but its A12 Bionic chip does not yet allow achieving results in line with hardware Dedicated to video games. However, the company may have plans to tackle this area further with an upcoming device.

The new Apple TV 4K is a step forward but has yet to reach the level of a gaming console

This is not official information but just rumors coming from the Korean site Clien, on which evidence has appeared about a new SoC from Apple, which It is not part of the Apple A and Apple M series.Features higher potential in internal GPU capabilities.

Reportedly, this will be a device with it Hybrid design On style Nintendo SwitchSo with the possibility to use it in portability with its own screen or connect it to the TV.

The base devices will fall within the Apple Silicon ARM line, but the SoC will be something different from what we have seen so far, that is, it will not fall within the lines of Apple A and M, and thus represents something completely new.

All of this would lead to new capabilities on the graphical interface, such as offering support for Ray tracing Real-time, state-of-the-art graphics technology. As for gaming, Apple will also discuss with Ubisoft To have the French company addresses available somehow in their store, or maybe linked in some way Apple Arcade.

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