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Apple CarPlay helps police in Australia

In Australia, Apple CarPlay is being used for at least one unusual purpose: thanks to the OneForce Core app developed by Motorola Solutions in collaboration with the Western Australian Police, police officers will be able to view all the information from emergency calls directly from the dashboard screen of their cars. patrol.

Since its introduction, Apple CarPlay has been used mostly to display audio playback functions and navigation directions on the in-vehicle display, for usage scenarios traditionally unrelated to work and productivity.

Conversely, the OneForce app is in turn based on PSCore, also by Motorola Solutions, a public security mobile app for managing essential services missions, such as those of the police. So far, police officers in Australia can only use the app via iPhones and iPads, even when they are inside a car.

Thanks to Apple CarPlay support integration, dealerships in Australia will now be able to view essential information directly on the vehicle’s dashboard screen, including the addresses and coordinates of accidents called for assistance. The app shows agents enough detail on the screen while they drive, avoiding overwhelming them with secondary information or other details that could distract them behind the wheel.

This is an additional and useful tool that does not require the purchase of additional equipment. Agents can interact with the service app without having to reach and manage their iPhone or iPad while driving, simply by touching the touch screen in the dashboard, or even better with Siri voice commands.

The PSCore app has already been used to help police in Australia transition to digital processing of traffic violation notices: File the new Integration with Apple CarPlay is already available to more than 5,000 frontline dealers.

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