Aouranth responds to bans from Twitch, TikTok and Instagram in his own way –

after, after ban Surprise from Twitch, TikTok and Instagram, very popular KaitlynAmouranth“Siragoza has He answered in his own way Expressing himself in the subject and revealing that he had not yet received the reasons for the actions he had received.

To do this, choose to post a video on Youtube, where he addressed the issue directly:If you think about it, it’s crazy. Like that, Instagram and Facebook got hacked and I got banned. you understand. Twitch was hacked and I got banned. Things seem to be connected. The companies have their shields, and they’re in turmoil internally, but they still have time to ban Amoranth. The most important thing.

It’s online Reason Who ban? As mentioned earlier, Amouranth still doesn’t know, but he tried to make a hypothesis anyway: “Apparently he doesn’t like my ASMR plane mask. I still have to figure out what I was up to this time, but whatever it is he shouldn’t like it.

Amouranth doesn’t know if her ban, and especially the ban on Twitch, is permanent or not, so she just has to wait. While she waits, she will notice what fans want from her and the goals they hope to see her engaged in once she returns.

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