Anyone with a pollen allergy should know these everyday secrets that can provide incredible relief

For those with a pollen allergy, this is really the worst time. With spring blossoming, the concentration of these substances in the air increases dramatically. It shows coughs, colds and ceaseless tears that can harm the quality of daily life. In addition to specific treatments and antihistamines prescribed by professionals, the right diet can provide useful support. Well, those who are allergic to pollen should know these everyday secrets that can provide incredible relief.

Cross reactions

Not everyone knows that some foods aggravate allergies. In fact, it happens that our immune system exchanges some of the proteins found in fruits and vegetables for pollen. This reaction increases symptoms. It is usually said that a cross reaction is triggered. Depending on the type of food, a specific response is triggered. For example, it might happen Syndrome It is made more severe by eating zucchini and bananas if you are allergic to ragweed. On the other hand, people who are allergic to weeds are best avoided by oats, barley, corn, peppers, and nuts.


A viable alternative is to cook or prepare these foods. Therefore, fruits and vegetables can continue to be enjoyed as long as they are not eaten raw.


Some foods contain or can cause the body to produce Histamine. This is a molecule that the body releases to counteract allergies. It usually causes classic allergy symptoms such as sneezing and tearing of the eyes. Therefore, it is advised to limit the intake of these foods. For example, smoked fish and processed meat are rich in this molecule. Few people know that some alcoholic drinks also boost histamine production. Especially some red wine and beer.

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Finally, remember that food can thicken mucus. When this condenses, the allergens remain tangled and are more difficult to eliminate. For example, according to experts, foods containing dairy products help thicken mucus.

Most importantly, allergic reactions are very subjective. Therefore, there is no certainty that these foods cause allergic reactions. Being aware of foods and their potential reactions is very helpful, but it is always a good idea to follow doctors’ instructions.

Therefore, those who are allergic to pollen should know these everyday secrets that can provide incredible relief.


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