Anyone who smells a scent that others don’t realize can get this very dangerous disease, this amazing discovery

There is a certain phenomenon where a person can smell odors that others are not aware of. But it is also a symptom of some diseases.

The human body It always surprises us too The latest discovery is almost incredible. Scientists have proven that The relationship between a particular phenomenon and the emergence of certain diseases. Of these, some may be fatal. Let’s get to know Phenomenon of “phantom odors” And What does it mean if this happens to us.

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There is Various diseases do not appear immediatelyAnd this is what I am now dangerous >> adjective. One of them is high cholesterol. When condition It lasts and values ​​are constantly out of balance, it happens Multiples And the results can be too deadly. The high fatIndeed, as we know, It clogs veins and arteries and increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Naturally, To avoid high cholesterol To realize the values ​​it is appropriate Lead a balanced life and get regular checkups. However, our body, if we listen to it, can give us Important signs. There is one Relationshipas some scholars found, between Ghost smells and cholesterol. Let’s see what emerged from the research.

A bad smell that others don’t notice can mean we are sick

There is one Published study on Medical Journal very famous, laryngoscopewho offers us A very interesting picture about the reactions of our organism to diseases. There is a condition called “phantosmia” and those who suffer from it suffer from odors that were not actually produced by some sources at the time.

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a a team From the researchers analyzed More than 7 thousand patients of different ages From 40 years and over. People were asked to report information about their topics Cardiovascular disease And if they have – and how much – cholesterol. through others a test select who also suffered from optical illusion.

we will, The data spoke clearly. Those who sensed a ‘different’ scent that others did not smell, had High cholesterol. But not only: Other diseases were excluded from the phenomenon of “hidden odors”.. Those who see them seem to have a 76% greater chance of getting a brain attack. until the Hypertension They seem to smell some odors even when you’re not there. Finally, some patients over 60 years of age have diabetic They noticed more fake scents than healthier people.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies published in medical journals, so it does not replace the advice of a physician or specialist, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or a diagnosis)

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