Anyone who appears very ugly can suffer from this mental disorder

It is normal for us to find imperfections in our bodies. It’s hard to find someone who always feels beautiful. However, the norm becomes pathological when a preoccupation with a person’s appearance becomes obsessed. Some people actually think that they are a lot uglier than they are. In this case the patient can have a severely disabling disorder.

Feeling ugly but not being

Those who see themselves as extremely ugly can suffer from this psychological disorder, dysmorphophobia. Also known as body dysmorphic disorder, this pathology is recognized through key diagnostic clues. It’s actually present in both the DSM V and the ICD-10 between OCD and somatic disorders.

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What does dysmorphophobia consist of? People with mania suffer from their appearance. However, this obsession is not a symptom of vanity. On the contrary, the individual feels very ugly. Its perception, however, does not reflect reality. Even in the case of objective “defects,” the topic is still viewed in an exaggerated manner. People with dysplasia also tend to have specific body parts. In some cases, for example, men feel that they do not have enough muscle, while women are obsessed about the shape of their breasts. However, depending on the individual, dysplasia manifests differently and the focus of the disorder can be different.

How to heal

Unfortunately, those who see themselves as extremely ugly can suffer from this psychological disorder. This can also have dire consequences. Often those who suffer from it tend to think about their looks for a long time a day. Psychological stress is high. The individual is, in fact, obsessed with his appearance, constantly comparing himself to others and can avoid mirrors. But not only that, those with dysarthria may not be stressful and may start not leaving the house anymore. Therefore, the individual’s quality of life is severely affected and affected by this disorder.

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Anyone who thinks they may have dysmorphism should see a mental health professional. In fact, it is important to follow an appropriate course of treatment, along with it Psychotherapist. In some cases it may also be necessary to take it Antidepressant medications.

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