Antonio Ziquela vs. Showgirl: “…He’s been chasing me for 16 years”

Antonio Ziquela vs. Showgirl: “…has been chasing me for 16 years.” Originally from Salerno, the former actor and model reveals a background going back several years

His fame is associated, if not exclusively but above all, with a sexy and glamorous brawl that took place in January 2006 during an episode of Sunday in With actor and singer Adriano Pappalardo. It was in this circumstance that the name Antonio Zequila It gained immense popularity. Originally from a town in the province of Salerno, Zyquila is 57 years old, a film and television actor, novelist and photographer, who became known to the general public thanks to his participation in the third edition of the reality show in 2005. Famous Island, then eliminated during the eighth episode.

Antonio Zequila

Zequila also had the opportunity to work in the theater, always playing secondary roles. In 1991, at the age of only 27, he participated in the opera Pirandello Six letters in Search for an authordirected by the greats Franco Zeffirelli With a great actor like Enrico Maria Salerno in the role of the hero. After a few years of forgetting and getting away from behind the scenes and TV shows, Zekela He’s back in vogue thanks to the post, in January 2020, in the fourth edition of Big Brother VIP. The Campanian actor stayed in Italy’s most spying house for a short while until he was eliminated in the semi-finals of the telecast against Patrick Ray Pugliese e Paulo Ciavaro. Zekela It was the least voted by the other competitors with only 8% of the favourite.

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In all these years, Zekela It’s often called a rather colorful nickname that’s in contextFamous Island The beautiful showgirl gave it to him Elena Santarelli, also present as a competitor to the reality show. A nickname that the person in question reveals after some time that he can no longer stand it.

Elena Santarelli

Antonio Zequila and the hate for that nickname: “I can’t stand it anymore to be called ‘a pant'”

In a lengthy interview with the Weekly ‘today“, Zekela He allowed himself to go on a brutal spree: “This nickname, ‘A Pant’, has haunted me for 16 years. Exactly since 2005 when I “sealed” it with the ardent mind of Elena Santarelli,Famous Island He saw me in white boxers and came up with this bullshit.”

Zekela Then he added to the Romanian actress and showgirl potion: “On the other hand, she is from Latin and in those parts the terminology is: “eh here, eh there”. It’s a saucy nickname, but I wear English, and love the blue jacket, white shirt, linen pants, and black shoes.”

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