Antonino Canavacholo, that health problem then …

Antonino Canavacholo is still surprised and has been telling about this health problem some time ago:I felt tired …

Antonino Canavacholo, That Health Problem: "I felt tired ..."
A. Cannavacciuolo, Image Credits: Instagram (@ antoninochef)

Liked by the audience, he is very popular on social media and especially on TV withChef“, Antonino Canavacholo He’ll be back on TV with the aforementioned show, but did you know this chef is a health problem? “I felt tired …“.

As many certainly already know, the famous chef He studied in hotel school and after that he started working in the world of catering also in very important hotels and restaurants like Grand Kisisana Hotel capri.

The great turning point for Cannavacciuolo comes at the end of the 1990s when he became a chef in the restaurant of the Hotel Villa Crespi on Lake Orta and after several years he managed to enter Relais & The chateau.

It is clear that the well-known chef is only able to enter the homes of Italians after several years of work when he begins to participate in various television programs such as’Hell’s Kitchen“e”Mastershire Italy“.

In short, for a chef, these years of his career might just be the beginning, and many of his followers will certainly see him as still an extension.

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Antonino Canavacholo, That Health Problem: "I felt tired ..."
A. Cannavacciuolo, Image Credits: Instagram (@ antoninochef)

Antonino Canavacholo So it will be a judge ‘ChefAired This Evening, Jan 14, 2021 sky Or on Now the TV 9.15pm: The weight problem I’ve chased down is extended

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It is clear that the known chef Surely he will not be alone in brightening an evening of many Italians watching the broadcast, but there will also be: Giorgio Locatelli e Bruno Barberry.

For a long time, the chef had been struggling with weight problems and in an interview with Oggi stated: “You were near a crossroads. I weighed a lot, it reached 155 kilograms, and I was tired, and slept poorly … Three years ago I said enough and bought myself a treadmill. “

His new habits:In the morning I walk lightly and with weights, and do not diet, I am more careful, but I have not taken anything off. “

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