“Antonella Elijah did not have a tumor, she should apologize”: the trauma charge

Rome – New freak for Antonella Elia. After the severe criticism of the confrontation with Samantha de Grenier Here are the accusations about the alleged tumor that the TV columnist recently spoke about. Antonellina apologized to De Grenet for her fitness comments, confirming that she was aware of the disease. But according to one of them, Elijah never had cancer because she allowed the reality show audience to understand … Blessed Buckley His Instagram: “You said you had cancer, but you didn’t. You didn’t have a tumor, you had something terrible, I did the operation for you, for the sake of heaven. But you didn’t get chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and you are not getting hormonal treatment like me or me. So I’m talking about A subject I know well. You do not make a good impression on us Antonella Elia, I see? The contrast is being won with the other weapons you may have. Please follow in your steps and apologize. “. Just like Samantha, Boccoli had it too breast cancer: To be the first to notice his little dog Nina, who one day jumped on Benedicta, and in a strange way, began to insistently point to the left side of his body.

Such and What Appears, Antonella Elia as Marilyn Monroe

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Such and What Appears, Antonella Elia as Marilyn Monroe

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