Answered by astronaut Jill Lindgren

Isabella Payne recounted the experience to CNN: To “connect” with the astronauts, she used an amateur device made by her father, who had always been passionate about radio and space.

For someone passionate about radio and space, the biggest dream is to be able to talk to an astronaut in orbit: Isabella Payne, who is only 8 years old, managed to make it happen. As the same British girl from Kent told CNN, on the evening of August 2, her father woke her up and threw her in front of an amateur radio.

On the other side there was Kjell Lindgren, an American astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station. A very short conversation consisting of some greetings and congratulations was enough to give an unforgettable moment to the girl and her father Matthew Payne, a huge fan of radio and space for decades.

Exchange on social networks

The social epilogue has also been added to make the story more intriguing. In fact, Payne shared a tweet telling how In 2016 he helped a school group To communicate with astronaut Tim Peake, aboard the station. Until then IsabellaWhen he was only two years old, he had inadvertently witnessed the interview. “He had his chance today. Thank you very much to Jill Lindgren, you may have changed his life,” Payne wrote on the social network.

However, Lindgren’s response was not long in coming, also via Twitter: “I had a lot of fun using the Amateur Radio Station aboard the International Space Station to talk to radio amateurs all over the world. But this might be my favorite conversation so far. Thanks Isabella and Matthew! We read in the tweet in which she recalls with special joy the conversation she had with the girl and her father.

August 23

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