Another application found with Joker virus: delete it immediately

It was 2019, when Joker appeared on the Google Play Store. To find out, it was the independent group CSIS Security Group that identified a new Trojan horse hidden at the time in 24 apps downloaded by nearly 500,000 users. Since then, despite the efforts play to protect, the Malware In question again many times on the App Store google browser, infecting thousands of users in all its manifestations.

What is a joker? How does it work?

Joker is malicious software which takes its name not so much from the well-known Batman villain, so much as it takes its name from the servant on whom it relied to pursue its illicit purposes. Its operation is sneaky, as once an unsuspecting user downloads the infected app while working, it activates and starts a series of hidden processes in the background that are meant to simulate the user’s interaction with your smartphone Visit ad sites. It is also able to String of data stolen General related to the infected device, as well as the list of contacts and SMS messages. Its strength is based on the controllability of the messaging protocol, as it is used for Subscribe to subscription services To advertising sites, actually going hunting in the wallet of an unsuspecting user.

New app infected with Joker

It is due to colleagues from radio Another app infected with Joker malware called colorful message Which, as of this writing, is still Available on Play Store.

At first glance, the app in question boasts a more than positive rating with a score of 4.8, which is very bad because judging by the reviews, there are many complaints from users who have downloaded it. In fact, many reports exist received unjustified accusations On his own account after the installation, another user also tried to contact the developer, and apparently did not receive any kind of response.

The team that made this latest discovery immediately notified Google. Joker also makes it difficult to get rid of the app, in fact once it is installed Its icon will be hiddenThus, although Color Message is currently still available on the Play Store, we strongly advise you not to download it to your smartphones.

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