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Marcus Willis at Wimbledon 2016: Credit [email protected]

Sometimes you can write a page out of the history of a sport without necessarily winning a title. Most likely the name Marcus Willis He will tell you nothing less, you may wonder in what area he distinguished himself or even that you would associate him with a famous actor. There is no doubt that the great tennis fans reading these lines drew a romantic smile as they set their minds on the Wimbledon lawn in London in 2016. Yes, during the most important peace tournament in existence, this 30-year-old English boy spoke about himself – himself. Unfortunately for him in his career, he never boasted of any success, but there was definitely no shortage of satisfaction. Today, with a moving message that also talks about the economic difficulties of second-tier tennis players, He announced his retirement. However, he will not give up the tennis courts, as he will devote himself full time to the activity of the teacher.

What happened to Marcus Willis at Wimbledon 2016?

A special story is that of Marcus Willis, a lower-tier tennis player who never excelled until 2016. For many years he has sailed near the top 600, without anything sharp in the ATP circuit. A fragile and somewhat shortened physique, perhaps not suitable for this sport especially in the new millennium, which must necessarily combine technology (with few exceptions) with great skills also from a sports point of view. However, he had a very good arm, but to make a quantum leap he needed more. At twenty-six, he even thought of retiring to devote himself exclusively to teacher activity in the United States, but his new girlfriend (she met at a concert for Ellie Goulding), who had high hopes for him, convinced him not to throw the towel away. .

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However, time sometimes knows how to be an honest man and after a few months keep a legendary story of him. Without too many pretensions, he entered the pre-qualification for Wimbledon, As he was able to go ahead with a dark tennis ball show. At this point he even tore up the qualifying ticket, giving himself an unforgettable walk through the All England Club park. No one knew him, but he beat Sujita (formerly top 60) but above all the terrible Russians Medvedev and Rublev (day No. 3 and 7), who at around that time were children but many of them already saw a bright future for them.

The meeting with Roger Federer

Among the general disbelief Wellbomb (His title) enters the main draw by right, with a draw on paper that also gives him an insurmountable match against Lithuanian Beranke. The Englishman pushed him for three sets to zero. However, he was conferred global popularity in the second round, when he faces the sport’s supreme prince Roger Federer at Wimbledon Central. Obviously, there was no match (7 matches still won) but the result took a back seat, with all the newspapers and televisions only speaking of Willis, who did not shudder in front of the absolute record holder on the Grand Slam account.

The experience at Wimbledon was also satisfactory from an economic point of view, as the citizen of Slough put in his pocket a 50,000 EGP beauty, which is beneficial in buying an apartment with his future wife. Since then, the light has gone out in his career, until he decided to suspend the racket. Exhausted by the crisis caused by the epidemic, Mark Willis, at the age of 30, decides to take off the player role in order to wear the role of the maestro. From now on, he will focus on training children, perhaps to one day drive them on the lawn that he himself stepped on in the unforgettable 2016 year.

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click here To read the farewell speech (via Instagram – Marcus Willis)

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