Annuities and foreclosures are activated: this is what happens

Inflation that makes shopping carts more and more empty, bills more and more high, rent or mortgage to pay. All costs that reduce the purchasing power of families and that also bring many retirees to their knees.

The first indicator of the situation is given by volunteers, and according to them, the lines in front of the food parcel distribution points are getting longer and longer. There are other elements that help shape the current picture, starting with pensions.

Prohibited pensions

The Improved Debtor’s Association, which monitors the relationship between debt and usury, claims that pensions currently under foreclosure are at least 200,000 and fears that this is an optimistic number. decree bis aid I intervened by raising the non-reservation limit for pensions from 700 to 1,000 euros. Extra protection doesn’t solve the problem, especially at this very moment when inflation, expensive bills, incomes, and pensions are suffering a rapid erosion.

It also increases the risk of losing your home. In 2019, the north witnessed the largest number of foreclosures (56.86%), while the phenomenon occurred in the center and south with 19.41% and 23.73%. Giovanni Pastore, founder of the Favor Debtor Association, from the pages Prophet, draws attention to the continued weakness of the middle class, crushed by the high costs it has to bear, sliding towards the poverty line, thus awakening a phenomenon that had already existed for some time and subsided from the period of the epidemic, during which mortgages were foreclosed on and forced executions were suspended. If 2020 and 2021 do not allow us to feel the full severity of the situation, Pasteur concludes that 2022 and 2023 could be a cold shower.

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wear risk

In addition to ecclesiastical usury, the director of Caritas in Rome, Justino Trincia, denounces the development of “proximity” usury. A neighbor or acquaintance who lends small amounts – up to only €100 – to those in need, then asks for compensation with interest.

Marcella Caradona, president of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accountancy Professionals in Milan, offers a glimpse into the fact that people owe a fifth of their pensions and this limits families’ ability to maneuver further, making the blanket shorter and shorter.

To prevent people, families and retirees from turning to credit channels, especially informal channels, immediate help is needed. This is the thought of Antonella Ciarone Alibrandi, Vice President of the Catholic University and Director of the Observatory of Debt, convinced of the need for more support to protect sectors of the population that, in the face of fixed income, do not. They have enough tools to meet the rising cost of living. The expert concludes that all this would avoid resorting to over-indebtedness, or worse, subsidizing organized crime.

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