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It definitely is a good time for Xbox and Microsoft. The final acquisition of Bethesda made the Redmond show more attractive and added several long-term equity shares to the bow. Obviously, to consolidate this finding, he must announce the news that will be coming to Xbox players. According to a well-known reporter, Microsoft has already planned Big announcements for April, May and June 2021.

Let’s talk about Daniel Rubino, Windows Central Executive Editor. The journalist actually commented on a recent report by Window Central Gaming talking about an event scheduled for March 26, 2021. Thus, apparently, Microsoft has no news planned for this month aloneBut she decided to exchange information continuously until the summer.

It will be certain Great strategy: Segmenting ads across multiple periods and events will increase interest. Microsoft now has multiple teams at Xbox Game Studios, so it isn’t impossible that there is a lot of news ready to reveal. Focusing on one big event will only risk burying those of the “lesser weight”.

Xbox and Bethesda now united
Xbox and Bethesda now united

Some recent reports mentioned that Microsoft and Bethesda will have their own showcase in E3: they will be two separate events. Xbox, in particular, has new game announcements coming in 2021, according to a statement from Microsoft itself. However, at the moment, much of what is circulating on the network is rumor rather than official information: We also emphasize the fact that Robino is talking about “Microsoft” and not just “Xbox”, so some of these ads may not be intended for video games.

We also remind you that, as of today, Bethesda’s Xbox Game Pass has totaled 20 games: here’s the list.

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