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PlayStation Studios has already revealed several games in development in its teams, but many of them are still unknown, such as the game Bluepoint Games. The team, which recently re-formed Devil’s Souls, is constantly hiring new staff Work “hard” on his project. However, it is not yet time to announce.

Peter DaltonCTO of Bluepoint Games, commented on recent layoffs at Microsoft (but not only) and wrote via Twitter: “Sad to hear about layoffs today in the tech world. At Bluepoint Games we are working hard on our next project and have many of the available jobs. On a personal level, I’m very interested in all of the show programmers out there. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.”

In a second tweet, Dalton also responded to a user who asked When we find out what Bluepoint Games is working on. Specifically wrote: [Riveleremo il gioco] When the time is right. All good things take time.”

So, at the moment, we still have no way of knowing what the team is working on and the fact that they are still looking for staff could mean that the project is not in an advanced stage of development. Of course it’s also possible for Bluepoint to be working on two titles at the same time, so in that case it would be difficult to know exactly which game they’re renting for.

Previously, Bluepoint Games has hinted that a new game is coming in 2023, with a greeting card.

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