Announcement has been in preparation for years, FromSoftware happy with fan reaction –

elden ring That was great ad At Summer Game Fest, Geoff Keighley’s show opened E3 2021. FromSoftware took a long time to wait, fans know, but Keighley explained that the announcement took years to stage. At the very least, it made the fan react FromSoftware Phyllis.

As you can see, in the tweet below, Keighley explains that the discussions BetweenSoftware and the Game Awards host started very early, between 2018 and 2019. Keighley knew Elden Ring would make his Xbox conference debut and wanted to talk about what they could do next.

He explains, “Organizing something great took a while, especially with pandemic That caused many games to be delayed, not just Elden Ring. However, the final decision to announce the game from FromSoftware came “a few months ago”: Shortly after The Game Awards, Keighley and FromSoftware discussed what to do and the Japanese team was supportive.

Finally, Summer Game Fest host makes it clear that FromSoftware is happy with fan reaction by Elden Ring, which was more than positive. The game actually attracts a lot of interest, and even we at Multiplayer talked about it in our special: Elden Ring, theories about the history of the game.

We also discovered many plot details, gameplay details and more from the official Italian website, to which we add information about the day/night cycle, time changing and character customization.

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