Ankara’s Critics and Pro-Kurds: Austin and McGurk, Biden’s Middle East Man Erdogan Doesn’t Like

There are two types of names among those he has chosen Joe Biden For the new administration who do not digest Turkey: About Lloyd AustinThe new Minister of Defense, H. Brett McGurkCoordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. Recep Tayyip Erdogan It was believed that once the Iranian file was reopened, then White House Forget about all the divisive topics: Missile system The Russians bought it S-400, Ideological and material struggle with ThenGames Turkey played in Syria And in Libya, And Turkish claims on Gas in the Aegean and Cyprus. Instead, these two dates go one wayAtlantic Unity To be expected in the Middle East, which also characterized the Obama administration without including Ankara in the project F-35 Even when Turkey tries to restore diplomatic contact with it United States of AmericaAnd the European Union H Israel.

Lloyd J Austin III is the first African American to drive Pentagon. In 2013, during the Obama presidency, he was named president of the Centcom, The largest joint command of the US Army. Supervised the withdrawal of troops fromIraq After a bloody war, keeping a file is always unaccustomed to communication and the media. Other faces continued his place in the US newspapers as the war ended. He also commanded all American forces in Middle eastIn doing so, he became the director of the stars and stripes campaign against him Islamic countryAfter the rebels had seized vast areas in eastern Syria and northern Iraq: That was in June 2014.

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Of course, there is his signature on the project and then approved Obama For more Air campaign from Base in Incirlik, In Turkey, which in the past two years has gradually deviated from the circle of American interests, Saleh ChalkDue to high tensions over the dual match Russian S-400 and F-35 missiles.

Most evident is the position of Brett McGurk, who has openly sided in the past in favor of the US military presence in Syria and He criticizes Ankara For its role in that entire college area. The United States sent him in the international coalition to fight the Islamic State in late 2018, a role he left after a decision Donald Trump To withdraw US forces from northern Syria. McGurk has publicly argued in the past that the Turkish president might have him Shelter The all’ex leader in ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Was later killed in an American operation.

OnIran Then already repeat the need to get Multilateral approach. So Turkey fears that McGurk’s moves may continue along the path that was followed under the Obama administration: the association with Red thread American forces in Syrian Democratic Forces (Sdf) dominates Dai The KurdsThose same Kurds who revealed themselves The Gallic Allies Against Islamic terrorism, which Erdogan also targeted, with Trump’s permission, the White House.

A position, which is the position of the new US administration on the Turkish file, which was widely expected by Joe Biden himself in recent weeks when he described President Erdogan as “despot”, Saying that he would support and “encourage” the leaders of the Turkish opposition Beat him “by the electoral process”.

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