ANKARA: After the sofa gate, MEPs ask for Michel’s head

Turkey, Erdogan receives Ursula von der Leyen, but leaves her without a chair

BRUSSELS – Now the sofa ends in Parliament. Members of the European Parliament, who are still on hiatus in Brussels following the Easter holidays, are not sitting idly by and their constituencies are organizing the work of the coming weeks. For the full session at the end of the month (26-29 April), the two largest groups, the People’s (EPP) and the Social Democracy (S&D) request that the heads of the European Commission and Council discuss in the mission room to Ankara, to highlight each other and request the head of Charles Michel, accused of playing In the game of the Turkish president.

Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel’s mission in Turkey “should have been a firm and unified message in our approach to President Erdogan.” Instead, the leader of the European People’s Party, Mafred Weber, complains, “Unfortunately, this led to divisions, because the European Union was not able to be together when it was necessary.” Hence the request to set the date for the debate, which the center-left also agreed to. “Relations between the European Union and Turkey are fundamental, as is the unity of the European Union and respect for human rights, including women’s rights,” urges parent company S&D, Iratxe Garcia Perez, which wants to “clarify” what happened and what went wrong in Turkey.

Sofa Gate, Lorenzine leaves an empty chair in the hall: “a serious crime for the European Union”

The direct attack on Michel, a liberal, married to the same “renewal” group as the party of French President Emmanuel Macron, was launched from the seats of the Social Democrats. Members of the European Parliament, Alessandra Moretti and Patrizia Toya, are calling on their parent company, Perez, to be the promoter of the “initiative to watch out against Prime Minister Michel” due to his “apparent shortcomings”.

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Parliament is against the council, the people are against the liberals, the sly people are against the non-sly people. Yet it will become clear that the Turkish president has already won. The European Union has fallen into an art trap, and after the sofa they quarrel and split.

On the issue of “Sofà-gate”, this evening, during the press conference on epidemic vaccines and the economic future of Italy, Prime Minister Mario Draghi spoke about issues of a national nature. Erdogan is a wanted dictator. I do not agree with Erdogan’s behavior at all. It was a behavior that I deeply regret the humiliation of the President of the European Commission, von der Leyen. ” After that: “With these… let us call them dictators. We must be frank in expressing the society’s vision, but ready to cooperate for the sake of the nation’s interests.” We need to find the right balance. ”

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