Animation to support the short work week

Less work to work better! The experience that started last year can be summed up with this slogan June 6 in Great Britain. It is from this date that Seventy companies across the channel In fact, they decided to accept the challenge launched by the think tank independence and by ng 4 days a global week; Or reduce the number of working days per week from five to four.

English pilot project for the short week

Specifically, 3,300 employees spread across the UK have seen a significant reduction in the number of hours they spend behind the desk, with no repercussions for their monthly salary. Already proven with very positive results in Iceland, Scotland And the SpainThe initiative will run for six months, with the aim of providing concrete data in favor of the “short week”. It is expected to demonstrate that working fewer days can benefit both workers – who will have more free time, enthusiasm and energy – and companies – who in this way will have a more productive and motivated workforce.

Video “Out of the week”

With the aim of promoting this pilot project, and emphasizing the positive aspects of the “short week” also on the environment and the vitality of our cities, Ian Ponce Jewell Make beautiful animation video change of week. In short, he simplifies and eloquently conveys the excellent reasons for ensuring a healthier and more humane lifestyle for employees. Filmed in collaboration with the artists Pia Graf, Amanda Bonaitoto, Alex Jenkins, Juan Carlos Roberto, Matthew Dang, Dal Park And the Cheng Hsu Chung (who made their pencils available by co-producing the short film), the video underscores the urgent need to change course, even more so in a world, a world, torn between “smart” and “distant” action. “Workers came out of the pandemic with a completely different idea of ​​quality of life”has announced Joe O’Connorthe leader of the 4 days of the global week. “More and more companies are realizing that working part time but focusing on goals is the best way to gain a competitive advantage.”.

The short week in Italy

and in Italia? The prospects for a similar project in our country are certainly remote, although statistics confirm the readiness of citizens to reduce working hours. According to the investigation by SWG for Italian Tech56% of Italians would like a short week, and 26% say they can keep the five days if they work smart for at least part of the week.

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