Animals that make us laugh: Here are the pictures of the year

The more playful they are, the more we like them. and theAnimal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards Born specifically to celebrate the ability of our most beloved and most loyal friends in life to make people laugh, smile and sometimes move. Created by Paul Johnson Hicks e Tom Sola To celebrate the positive and vital role pets can play in our lives, this year the award was given in partnership with the pet insurance company. animal friends. Thanks to the money raised, support for desperately needed pets has been provided through a UK charity Animal Support Angels.

Life is better with them around them! – It’s a comment Wes PearsonCEO of Animal Friends. – The winning photo of pepper Playing in the garden, with a perfectly synchronized bubble, sums up the essence of this competition. Our pets give us so much company, support, unconditional love, and so much joy. The antics that they have, the faces (many!) that they have, their own mannerisms, make them truly unique.” This year’s winner is Zoe Ross With her adorable image of Pepper, a Labrador puppy playing in the bubble garden. Bieber, now 7 months old, was initially introduced as a mate to the family’s other dog, Dolly, to help her with her separation anxiety. “She’s been a wonderful addition to our family who – says Zoe – brings so much love and additional entertainment to all of us, especially Dolly: they are inseparable.”

Over the summer, the contest invited all animal lovers to submit hilarious photos and videos of their cute fur friends for a chance to win £2,000 and an additional bonus of supporting the animal welfare charity Pet – Animal Support Angels, who also took home £10,000 thanks to Animal Friends Insurance Initiative partner. The charity aims to support pets and pet owners by providing food, shelter, warmth, veterinary support, reintegration and social assistance.

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