Angry motorists, nobody knows how to use it: are you among them? If you know you’re saving a lot of money, it’s worth it

car dashboard ok (motorzoom)

More and more motorists lose their temper because they are unable to understand the actual effectiveness and use of a particular car device. any?

there technology It is increasingly present in cars, as it is in all other things in Our lifewith a specific intent Simplified: The problem, however, not always It went exactly like this.

This is exactly the case with cars, or better to say, some hardware and new systems to management Our vehicles that were born to support us instead, in many cases, paralyze us.

However, succeed in understand real and essential mechanism to management Some of these devices not only support us more effectively, practical and Moving.

Beyond that, in fact, it allows us economic saving Really interesting, if only if you look at it from a mid-range perspective. say what what is he talking about Although advantages?

Technology on board: how many know how to use it?

Cruise control, or the so-called “Italian” cruise speed, It is nothing more than a device that allows you to control the speed at which it is done our car Along the way.

Auto Speed ​​- (Motorzoom)

It’s just one of the useful new devices in the car: eg there Assisted parkingI tentacles to a statement, Bluetooth connections with external devices and devices. However, not everyone likes them.

between one assisted braking And auto start, there are those who still prefer the old style of driving, and have a certain difficulty getting close to it for technological innovation and electronics.

Even satellite navigators, or voice control, Hands-free calls, the camera that helps Parking: tools that are supposed to help, but sometimes cripple the driver.

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Automotive technology: how much do you know?

Recent polls have confirmed, as can be easily deduced, that most of them are motorists previous generations They have more difficulty getting close to these systems.

Smart- (motor zoom)

Many people report feeling safer without these hardwareand even to request the possibility turn them off. In fact, it would be important to do anything else. What?

approach a greater interest For these aspects related to technological progress and ensuring that, in the absence of a knowledge Directly, the person who can do it can helps least usual.

Even tech experts suggest Courses to to update In a driving school to be more familiar in this sense: in fact, sometimes a little patience.

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