Angry gamers accuse Rockstar Games of ‘phishing’ –

Red Dead Online It seems to have been more and more abandoned to itself, and after the last update in early May, the Players Protest Rockstar Games He escalated further, accusing the team of “Deliberate phishing” at the expense of users.

After the last update a few days ago, which was limited to some changes to the rewards in some events, especially horse racing, the outcry against Rockstar Games by Red Dead Online users has returned to the levels we already saw at the beginning of the year.

Players accuse Rockstar Games of having abandoned Red Dead Online, which shows a minimal commitment to the Western game’s multiplayer compared to that spent on Grand Theft Auto Online at the same time, even though the latter is a much older title.

Controversy escalates on Twitter at regular intervals and even in this case it’s not missing out, with many users expressing despair over the dearth of content and support that Rockstar has shown for multiplayer games. As some fans have claimed, it appears that the developers “intentionally” phishing communityAnd this answer was especially popular in the hours that followed.

In these cases, the “Save Red Dead Online” hashtag has resurfaced on Twitter, which has now become a bit of a tradition for the gamer community and has resurfaced regularly for several months now.

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