Angry Birds will be removed from Google Play and renamed to the App Store in a couple of days –

the original Angry birdsone of the most popular mobile games ever It has been removed from Google Play And It has been renamed in the App Store In just two days, from February 23rd: a strange move by Rovio, which explained the reasons for this decision with a post on Twitter.

Practically speaking, the reasons for the unusual choice depend on the impact of the first Angry Birds game on the company’s catalog: a game that easily surpassed 100 million downloads at the time of its launch, It attracts most of the attention by users, who end up not thinking about the various sequels and spin-offs that the development team has created over the years.

That’s why, as mentioned, starting February 23rd, the original Angry Birds will be removed from Google Play (while remaining playable for users who’ve already downloaded it – and if you haven’t already downloaded it, it’s certainly appropriate to do so), while it’s on the App Store, it will be Change his name to Red’s first ride.

Since its debut in 2009, Angry Birds has total Over 2 billion downloadsallowing Rovio to score respectable collections and giving life to a franchise that quickly became the go-to media between animation, comics, books, and motion pictures.

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