Angela’s change is so unusual, you can hardly recognize her

90 Days To Fall In Love And Then: As Angela is today, you’d be surprised to see that she looks so different.

90 days to fall in love
90 Days To Fall In Love And Then: As Angela is today, you’ll hardly recognize her (Source Instagram)

90 days to fall in love It is an American television program with extraordinary success. Using a temporary fiancĂ©’s visa, six foreigners arrive in the United States to live with their partners abroad. Spouses must get married before the permit expires, i.e. within 90 days.

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The difficulties that accompany such spouses are many, in addition to the misunderstanding, obtaining a visa becomes increasingly difficult and therefore the ability to be together. Angela and Michael are one of the couples that definitely wowed viewers. He was 30, she was 53, and we were able to get married. Our attention today falls precisely on women. Apparently, browsing through his social profile, or rather, in the profile shared with Michael, We cannot help but notice the extraordinary change.

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90 Days To Fall In Love And Then: Angela Looks Like She’s Changed Radically

Angela and Michael definitely starred on the show 90 days to fall in love. The couple has always had great difficulties. Michael from Nigeria and Angela from the United States. They got married and as we revealed in our last article, it looks like they’re still together.

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The two have a joint social media profile, and there’s no shortage of pictures together. This, makes us think, that history did not sink. Only on social media, we could not notice the pictures. And here, the shot in which we see Angela did not go unnoticed. The woman seems to have lost a lot of kilograms. This is what it looks like today:

90 days to fall in love and then
instagram source

Angela was already beautiful before and still is today. It seems that the woman has lost several kilograms and from the photo it is very clear. Really amazing change!

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