Angela Merkel’s party lost the election in the two German states in which it voted on Sunday

On Sunday, a vote was held in Germany in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Candidates from Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union Party came second in government in both states: in Baden-Württemberg, behind the Green Party, and in Rhineland-Palatinate, behind the Social Democratic Party. It remains unclear what coalitions will be formed in the two local governments. They were important elections in two states with a total population of over 10 million people (7.7 in Baden-Württemberg and 3.1 in the Rhineland-Palatinate).

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The Christian Democratic Union, which has been in the government of Germany for nearly 16 years, lives A moment of crisis Because of some recent scandals that affected many of its members, and the many criticisms that have been received for managing the epidemic. These elections were the first test that could testify to the party’s declining popularity. It was also the first election after Armin Laschet replaced Angela Merkel at the head of the party, who announced that she would withdraw from politics at the end of her term as chancellor. The national parliamentary elections will be held in September, and Lachette is not sure of his choice as the candidate for the chancellor.

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