Android smartphones, other infected apps detected: delete them before it’s too late

There is no peace for Android smartphones after a recent discovery in which other infected apps have been flagged: here are the ones to delete.

All over the world there are already many users of Android smartphones and they are, in this recent period, who are going through a rather difficult moment after Some infected apps on Google Play Store.

Android apps full of viruses: delete them
Beware of these Android apps, they are actually viruses –

The Android ecosystem has been increasingly appreciated for its great customization and adaptation capabilities. And in the reference store, the Play Store, there Many applications for all tastes and needsRecently, some of them have raised tensions.

This discovery came as a result of the work of the cyber security company cloudsk. The researchers highlighted a New malware in some apps Downloaded by users all over the world. Downloading caused huge problems for both the device and the people themselves.

Android smartphone, 193 infected apps on Play Store: uninstalling them is the only solution

Due to the great offer in the Google Play Store, every downloaded app should be maxed out because smartphones contain our data. In fact, this malware He was able to gather information on android files that were in local storage. After collecting it, transfer everything to a central server and this It puts both passwords and personal data at risk.

Hacker attack via application
Android is under attack, delete these apps created by hackers –

Of the company that deals with computer security is distinguished 193 apps infected with Android.Spy.SpinOk SDK. Well, out of those 193 43 are on the Google Store. Also from the security agency it is estimated that the users who downloaded these infected apps were 30 million.

Among the most downloaded applications we find a fairly large list that must necessarily be taken into account. Help yourself Applications that must be deleted immediately If you have it in your device: HexaPop Link 2248, Macaron Match and Boom, Jelly Connect, Tiler Master, Happy 2048, Mega Win Slots, Bitcoin Master. Some of those just mentioned were Made by the same developer.

In addition to these applications, There is another app that has even been banned from the Google Play Store. The last case shows how you should always download official apps to avoid third party apps. Protecting our data is essential so that future problems do not arise but this must be protected above all by our actions. The advice is Do not trust third party platforms And It also depends on the opinions of other users.

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