Android battery, there is a procedure to replenish it: how to do it

When an Android smartphone battery is causing problems, there may be an error: however, there is a procedure to replenish it. Let’s walk you through step by step how to do this

Android battery
Android battery

Often times, after some time our battery Android smartphone He begins to lose his strength and sometimes begins to have tantrums. Lithium-ion stents have a limited duration over time, even regardless of charging cycles and any errors related to how they are handled, thus it is clear that they no longer work after a while.

Despite this, errors sometimes persist, such as short autonomy and fast charging failure. If closing apps in the background isn’t the answer, it can be found elsewhere. There is an action Battery calibration Which allows you to renew it, as much as possible, and is very simple.

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Android battery, step-by-step procedure for “calibration”

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First, You must use the smartphone until it is completely exhausted to not allow it to complete booting. Then We leave the phone to charge up to 100% with the charger always connected. Wait 2-3 more after fully recharging and then disconnect the power supply cable.

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distance, We wait 10-15 minutes, leave the smartphone turned off, and reconnect the cable for another 15 minutes. At this point, with the phone still charging, We run it until access to the system is complete. The last step is to disconnect the charger.

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This procedure should be repeated every two to three months, depending on the use of the smartphone. If this procedure does not provide a good solution to the problem, then it will be necessary to go to the service center.

A normal battery has an average life of 3 years. After this date, despite your awareness, the performance will not start as it was in the beginning.

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