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The new Android Auto will enhance and improve the user experience, but it will also lose a vital function for drivers. A decision, a Google decision, that surprises you and that probably could be revised in the not-too-distant future.

For all motorists who have tried Android Auto, the functions included in the service have become almost indispensable on their travels. In fact, the software developed by Google contains unique and useful functions for the travel experience, such as a music player or a navigator that is connected directly to the smartphone and thus contains the information from Google Maps. In addition to these useful functions for travel, there are also applications that those in the car, on the passenger side, can use to pass the time or to look up useful information. The device is a kind of car tablet fully compatible with smartphones that use the same software. Obviously, there are versions compatible with iPhones thanks to the software Apple CarPlay which perform the same functions.

android auto
android auto (web source)

For those who have never had the opportunity to try such a device, it is enough to know that it is what has replaced the classic car radios, as it is used to switch between different stations, but also to listen to music from a smartphone or from a key that you have loaded properly for travel . Similar systems are now implemented in almost all cars of the new generation, and if by chance you still have old car models, it is possible to install car radios that are compatible with both models. The Google So appleAccording to your needs. The buttons are replaced by a touch screen and in addition to the radio, there are some useful apps that let you put the phone aside but use all of its functions even when you’re on the road.

Android Auto, Coolwalk version is in beta

Android auto update
Android Auto update (web source)

In recent months, Google has been working to provide Android Auto owners with a new graphical interface that is more functional and easier to use. The goal of the technology company is to provide users with graphics that are more pleasing to the eye, but also an additional usage bar that speeds up any action they have to take and thus reduces distractions from the road ahead.

Among the innovations included in the Coolwalk interface, there is also a bar inside the music player that allows you to pause the song you are listening to but also to go to the next one with a simple tap. The position of the bar changes according to the type of screen you have installed in your vehicle. In fact, for all screens with quality below Full HD, the bar will be displayed at the bottom, while for higher quality screens, the same bar will be visible on the right edge of the screen. The update is currently only available to users who joined the beta, but once the testing phase is over, it should be available to everyone.

The new version of the software will lose essential functionality

Android auto update
Android Auto update (web source)

In recent years, Google has been very skittish about including weather detection functionality in its software. This has been inserted and removed several times and in some updates it has been working intermittently until the latest update improved functionality and made real time data more accessible to motorists. As the Coolwalk tests have shown, weather conditions have now disappeared from the information bar. It is impossible to say at the current stage of development whether the functionality in question will be included at a later time or if it will already be present from the official launch of the new update.

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