Android Auto does this in two parts, split screen arriving: Reports and photos first

Possibility Along with two apps is being One of the news Google announced at the end of February for every Android Auto: How much depends Distribution has already started. On Reddit, in fact, reports of the first users who took the job arrived, complete with screens and images documenting its looks and performance.

This new option allows, as expected, to divide the screen into two parts, but with proportions that remain constant: 70% will go to the main application, and 30% to the secondary applicationWith the ability to change the order of applications as you wish. In this way, it will be possible to view Spotify commands and satellite navigation at the same time, for example.

At the moment, it seems, the split screen is not only distributed to a small number of users, but it appears to be a feature limited to those cars that have a screen large enough to be able to make the split screen actually usable, even if it is not What is clear is the limit set by Google.

Anyway, a way has already been found on Reddit to manually change the panel resolution with Reload HeadUnit To deceive Android Auto by convincing it of the necessity to deal with a screen with a larger surface, and thus use the split screen.

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