Android Auto 8.7 arrives, but not even a shadow of Coolwalk

One of the most important news has arrived Android Auto It sure is Cool Walk, the new interface that greatly improves the experience of using the Google Cars platform. Unfortunately, It seems that Coolwalk is not yet available to all usersdespite of google data.

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In fact, during the early days of 2023, the company announced it Coolwalk is coming soon to all Android Auto usersPreviously, this feature was only available to a few Android Auto beta users. Starting from today , There are very few users “not beta” Which received a new graphical interface.

So experience with Coolwalk is essential Wait for the server-side update from Google: The company started rolling out the service early in the beginning of the month, but it looks like this It progresses very slowly And there is no way to force activate Android Auto’s new Coolwalk interface.

Recently, Google has also released Android Auto 8.7: The update, which can be downloaded and installed from the Play Store, however, does not add any concrete news for users, given that the changelog only mentions bugs and problems.

Android Auto 8.7 doesn’t even offer CoolwalkWhich made many turn up their noses.

Remember, Coolwalk is a new interface It allows you to split your Android Auto screen To use two applications at the same time (for example, a navigation application and a music player application). We talked more specifically about Coolwalk and the news promised by Google in This article.

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