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Not all smartphones running Android 2.3.7 will be able to access Google accounts for services like Gmail, Maps or YouTube

problem You have a smartphone that has been dated over the years It is above all the inability, at a certain stage, to take advantage of all the services available. But the thought of not being able to access your search history or favorites email inbox is sure to lead many to consider the potential cost of a new device. Because that’s what’s going to happen soon Many phones are still in circulation. in a document The publication on the official website for customer support, is Google itself to announce it: starting From 27 September 2021 Smartphones with Android 2.3.7 They will not be able to access their Google services accounts. of between it Gmail, Maps o YouTube.

what should I do

It The operating system that is now ten years old. but between me Three billion Android devices active in the world there are still some updates to this old version now (Here is the dashboard made available by Google). After September 27th, if these people decide not to change their phones, They will only be able to access their Google accounts via the browser. First, it is good to check If you can upgrade the operating system to the next version at least, Android 3.0. If this is not possible because the device is unable to support it, it may be necessary for you to understand, in these months, what might be the right purchase for you (Here is our guide to the best smartphones 2021).

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