Android 14 beta 3 clearly mentions the stylus: the Pixel Tablet’s earliest appearance

Concrete signs that the stylus will sooner or later debut on the Pixel Tablet surfaced when Kamila Wojciechowska posted a terse but pithy tweet:Stylus for Pixel TabletsNow there seems to be a final confirmation, given that references to the stylus are clearly visible in the latest beta – version 3 – of Android 14.

And this is exactly the last version of the operating system that Google “publicly” started Development of the beak support. After all, the lack of a mention of the pen at the time of the presentation caused many of the attendees to turn up their noses, raising some doubts about the actual compatibility.

Within beta 3 of Android 14 are present New settings to change the default note-taking app and a switch Which, if activated, allows you to ignore all Pen key presses. These settings – shown in the screenshot above – are activated in the menu once the stylus is connected to the device running Android 14. The commands to distinguish between the functions of the different buttons are then hidden in the code.

Now it remains to be seen if it will actually be there Stylus for Pixel Tablets Branded Google or if instead we have to “settle” the grains of any brand as long as Compliant with the USI 2.0 standard. Here the path becomes bumpier, and although it is certain that the stylus will arrive on the Pixel Tablet sooner or later, it cannot be said with the same certainty that we will see an original accessory.

In Android 14, there are also references to Improved support for external keyboards: It just so happens that Google is launching its premiere soon The keyboard for the Pixel Tablet.

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