Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor Harassment Claim. ATTORNEY JAMES: Ready to call him, now report

New York State Attorney General, Letitia James, Willing to oversee an investigation into the allegations sexual harassment Addressed to the governor Andrew Como. She said this herself, and asked the concerned party to immediately and formally report the case, warning that she was prepared to do so Summoned.

The news came after it emerged that a second woman was accusing the New York governor within days sexual harassment at work. And it’s a new piece on top of the powerful Cuomo who is now seriously risking his spot, with Request for resignation Which is also rising within his party.

It passed like an impressive descending New York governor within a few weeks of his conquering world glory Anti-Trump leader In the fight against pandemic, To accusations of sexual predation and possession Cover up real data On the victims of the virus to defend its image.

The last hit was a 25-year-old former assistant, Charlotte Bennett, Which al The New York Times She revealed the ruler’s frequent progression when they were left alone in the room. Frequent occurrence in recent months, given the role Health Policy Adviser Covered by women.

“He never tried to touch me,” Charlotte said, but she recounts how Cuomo made her clearly understand that he “wanted to go to bed” with her. The woman recalls: “He said he suffered from loneliness during times of the pandemic by not being able to even hug someone.” Then in early June, she continued, one evening they were alone in the office when the governor started asking her very personal questions, including about her. Sexual life. Then Cuomo asks her if she thinks the age difference is an issue with her Relations, And confided to her that at the age of 63 he was “open to relationships with women in their twenties”.

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Charlotte said, “I felt incredibly uncomfortable and fearful,” explaining that she was affected after she revealed the episodes to another woman. Gil DesRosiers, Chief of Staff of Como. The latter in a long note denies everything: “There was no progress and he never acted inappropriately. That would be Investigations For clarification. “

But to focus on the governor’s situation there are accusations of another former aide, Lindsay Boylan, Who had already been informed a few days earlier that Cuomo had accepted her without her consent, who had invited her on one occasion to play. Strip poker. Boylan, in a long post dated Mode, Then described the work environment at Como’s offices as “toxic,” with “a culture of sexual harassment and.” bully She is so pervasive that she always forgives, if not indulged. “

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