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Andretti reveals plan to enter: “UK-based Renault engines”

F1 | Andretti reveals plan to enter: ‘Renault engines and a British base’

Mario Andretti reveals the US team’s ideas for entering Formula 1 from the 2024 season: Renault will provide the power units, and the plant will be built in the UK.

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New details continue to emerge about the Andretti family’s closest return to the F1 grid. A plan to buy the Sauber facility failed in the final months of the 2021 season, prompting the team to submit an application for admission to the FIA ​​with its own team. Most teams responded coolly to the potential expansion of the network to 22 cars and even the FIA ​​itself did not comment with much enthusiasm. Andretti is currently on the right track in the Indycar Championship and above all in Formula E, also competing in Extreme E and Endurance.

at David Land interviewMario Andretti has revealed the US team’s plans in light of access to the Formula 1 network from 2024. The Italian-American seems to have clear ideas regarding the organization of the team, in particular with regard to team formation and the location where the headquarters will be built: “We are not just newcomers. We know the basic requirements and there is also the time factor. Once we say go ahead we have to do it. So a lot of work has been done. We know where the UK plant will be built. This kind of work all the way up to startups. We have many things in mind.”

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Andretti also confirmed that Renault would supply the power units, denying a possible deal with Ferrari that Toto Wolff assumed and would have worried about: “Now we have a formal agreement on the engine supplier and it will be Renault, now I can tell. There has been a lot of speculation from Toto Wolff. He was worried that it might be Ferrari, Ferrari would get more votes than they would, and so forth.”

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“There are a lot of steps to be taken and I understand it’s a huge undertaking. But we’re ready for it. For myself, I’ve been working on it for 67 years, so we know what’s going on on all sides of the Atlantic. That’s an amazing, great job on Michael’s part. Very ambitious in sports. It’s your job, period. We’re just living and breathing motor racing and now he’s at the age where he has to make the leap, so he can do at least 20 or 25 years in the business. It’s game over, so we’re all ready To start “. Andretti added in conclusion.

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