Andrea Damanti and Elisa Faisari, Love from the First Wave: Holiday Pictures

Palm, sun, blue sky, deserted beach, heavenly sea, love. There are all ingredients for a perfect vacation. Andrea Damanti and Elisa Vesari have been waiting for a long time to give themselves a break in the sunshine. They had been in the mountains with their friends Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, and had unforgettable days in the mountains and snow, but the sea awakened their passion. Perfect, toned bodies calmed by waves, rays illuminating the curves and sculpted biceps then pamper the couple.

However, there are those who swear that there is always a shadow between them. The story of Julia de Lillis, whose story definitely ended with her, but … Damante and the influential one from time to time: they have “joint care” for their little dog, Tommaso. The furry friend of the De Lellis house is a gift that Andrea gave to his ex-wife and when the two passed away they promised to exchange custody of Tommaso every two weeks. So the ex-spouses are “forced” to keep seeing each other even though they both have new stories …

Could it be fun for you:

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