Andrea and the Secret Journey to get around Carlo’s will

The mirrors Exclusive reports on Prince Andrew’s new strategic move against King Charles’ wishes. The recently disgraced Duke of York is said to be visiting Bahrain in secret. According to reports, it was going to be a business trip because the prince would like an unofficial role as a mediator between the West and the Gulf states.

In a very strong period energy crisisSo, Andrew He would like to take his turn and play a The role of the ambassador with the richest countries petroleum. But this does not fit into the plans of the elder brother, Charles IIIwhich has Mugger definitely From any public and service role for the United Kingdom.


According to the news, the Duke York will fly On site last week Traveling on a private jet loaned by a Swiss billionaire. Buckingham Palace He did not enter the flight from the prince Among the obligations assessed, because he no longer appears as a real “worker”. But it is said that the intent was precisely Work for the crown.

Arm wrestling between King Charles and Prince Andrew

While King Charles He would like to see his brother out of the public eye, it seems Prince Andrew Meticulously planning his return. The sources mention thatImagine its possibilitiesFor another time like Government Special Representative for International Trade and Investment. there visiting in Kingdom Saudi Arabia It was going to happen with the aim of persuading countries to increase oil production.

Ansa – Prince Andrew and King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain, in 2017

Others claimed he would enter the two seas On vacation as guest of honorPrivately fundedThere are also allegations that he thinks of the Middle East as “safe haven Where to settleAs he continues to wrestle with his arm King CharlesHowever, the Duke of York also seems to be favored by the other brothers on his side: L.L Princess Anna And the prince Edward.

Ansa – King Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward

according to mail on sundaya few days before the birthday CharlesAnd the All brothers they will gathered in Windsor to support Prince Andrew. It appears that the King was not too happy with the public support and would like the Duke of York to live out of the limelight. The source mentioned that I And the Edward they were “particularly concerned“for andrew”They wanted to check it out“But the king sees that.”It should not be in the public eye“therefore”He wasn’t happy at all“.

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