And what if Wimbledon 2023 cancels the ban on Medvedev, Rublev, Russians and Belarusians? The All England Club is discussing this matter

If you are Roger Federer And finding yourself in London with a few hours to kill, going to the club (he calls it that) to say hello to the boss and have tea together seems like good style. after every thing, Winning tournaments guarantees a lifetime membership, so what could go wrong? Mr. Basel told her during his participation in The Daily Showand talk show and satirical program hosted by Trevor Noahalready his opponent in the doubles segment From the exhibition “Match in Africa 6” February 2020 with Rafa Nadal and Bill Gates. The tale begins at minute 11. Below, translation.

“It happened two weeks ago. I was in Tokyo for a Uniqlo event and then I went to London for it A second opinion about the knee, it has not been in good shape recently. I didn’t want to tell the Wimbledon members that I might be there because I didn’t know if I’d have time to go to the club because I had a flight home with my family. Seeing a doctor, we have two hours, what do we do? Airport or quick tea at Wimbledon? Yes we go. but I never go there when there is no tournament, so I drive to the gate usually reserved for guests to enter. So I told my coach who was with me, Severin [Lüthi]I’ll quickly talk to the security lady. I’ll take care of it, simple thing. not like that.

“So, I’m going to you, hey, I was wondering how do I get into Wimbledon, like, where’s the door, the gate? Which, of course, Do you have a membership card And I, um, do we have? Because when you win Wimbledon, you automatically become a member. Honestly, I don’t know anything about these tiles, maybe you are home somewhere. So I say, no, I don’t have a card, but I am a member. I was just wondering what the entrance is. Meanwhile, I think this is where it gets complicated. I’m starting over, I’m a partner, I tell her. I usually come here to play, there are a lot of people and I enter from another place. This is the first time I’ve been here when there is no tournament. So I ask her again, where can I enter? which, on the other hand, But he must be a partner.”

So I look at him for the last time, I panic and I’m sorry, I can’t believe I said that, I still feel bad about it. I mean, I look at it and say, I’ve won this tournament eight times, Trust me, please, I’m a partner. Well patience. I get back in the car and my coach says, well, where did we come from? and me, Don’t say anything.”

Everything seems to be resolved at the other entrance. “One person knows me, Mr. Federer, I can’t believe it, shall we take a selfie? And there are the security guys, oh my God, Mr. Federer, what are you doing here? Do you have a membership card?”. does not come out. exactly the contrary, Enter

“No, I don’t have, but is it possible to go in? Sure, let me tidy it up. The chief and everyone else was there and we had tea. I even thought of going back to the other side and saying hello, hello, I came, but I didn’t, I never did.” that, When I said I won Wimbledon eight times, I thought for a split second, Or is it seven times? I usually don’t say these things.”

Indeed, he proved it at the Australian Open, when, without a pass, He sincerely waited for Paganini to bring him to him.

Roger winds up agreeing with Trevor over which lady deserves a raise, “It was a real gang”. One doubt remains: if all this distracted him, did he leave Severin in the car?

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