And now Netflix is ​​’giving in’ to the ad: Here’s all the news to come

He was the first giant of flow Legal and paid to be available in Italy (as of 2015), now it will also be the first web TV platform to use ads. Netflix He takes the longest step of his leg and makes a choice of great courage which, in fact, corresponds to the mission of the entire company. But due to the high cost of living and strong competitiveness in the entertainment sector, and due to the migration of the public towards cheaper “shores” and more attractive products, Netflix He finds himself having to come to terms with himself. Starting next November, at exactly five o’clock in the evening on November 3, a new tariff plan will be introduced that will allow, in addition to the use of films and TV series, to watch short films. Commercials.

The plan is called Basic, and at a monthly subscription cost of 5.49€, a short ad lasting no more than 30 seconds will also be included. 4 or 5 commercials per hour that are played depending on the length of the program being run. The subscription is available in HD format but will not allow the public to benefit from it The entire catalog, due to an incompatibility between the advertisement itself and the movie, especially regarding licensing issues. All this is new, but what was decided by the management Netflix However, it leaves some ambiguous points in the story. That is, it is not yet clear how and when the sites will be selected and whether they will be programmed according to the interval to avoid content inappropriate for minors. We’re considering “personalizing” the ad that can be chosen based on browsing history, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Is this a step backwards for the giant? This is unknown at the moment, but this step was specifically implemented to avoid some significant loss of profits. In addition to the huge appetite for streaming platforms – such as Amazon Prime, Now, AppleTV, Paramount+, Tim Vision, and Lionsgate+ – it must be said that the catalog of Netflix You recently left something to be desired. Many series were planned but few survived the axe Cancellation, where there are many films that do not leave an imprint. This led to a collapse A slight increase in the number of subscribers. For now, the new ad package will be visible in Italy but also in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States. Furthermore, it will not include any changes to other subscription forms. “Basic” with advertising is in addition to the Basic, Standard, and Premium plans that remain ad-free. According to the chief operating officer of NetflixThe new plan “represents a great opportunity for advertisers who will have the ability to reach a diverse audience, including younger viewers who increasingly don’t watch TV.”

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